Hello and thank you for showing an interest in Macmillan’s work. I like writing lists…favourite films, all-time greatest Yorkshire Cricketers, (don’t be put off), a list of things to do before you retire, or after you retire! So, one day I wrote down things that I wanted to do before it would be too difficult or I lost my nerve; eventually this was narrowed down to three. Learn to ride a horse, go gliding and trek to Everest Base Camp, (I’m not a climber).

I have done one, the horse riding, through prompts from my daughters. I was spurred on to do a second, Everest Base Camp, after events in 2011 when some cancer was found in my bowel. It was while looking on the Macmillan website for information during this difficult time, that an article caught my eye. Their trip to Everest Base Camp was advertised for November 2013. As soon as I read the details I knew that I was going to do it! I thought it would be a great target to achieve an ambition that would, more importantly, raise money for the valuable work of Macmillan.

I would welcome any ideas and support in this aim. You can follow my progress through this page or through my justgiving, address on this blog. It’s a big challenge but nothing like the real life challenges people have a daily basis and who need the help, advice and support of Macmillan.

Thanks for your time.




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