Thank you.

imageThe Last Day in Lukla

3rd December 2013

I was asked a day or two ago which was my favourite blog. I should repost it as a thank you for all the support towards EBC. Good idea, so here it is. It has to be this one. We are over £6000 now.

Sometimes words are not enough.

Saturday 19 th October 2013

For this last blog I did intend to say thank you, individually, to all the people who have helped me achieve the target amount of money, and beyond, for this trek. I also wanted to list all those who have helped me in the training. The list would have gone on for days, a bit like the end credits on Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King! Also, I know some people wouldn’t want to be named.

So in the end I have decided to say this, with apologies to unknown authors.

                 Thanks for helping me

                  ..and Mrs..  You know she lived at..

                 Thanks for being my friend

                  …and Joey’s

                Thanks for thinking of me

                 ……and Macmillan’s wonderful work

                 Thanks for caring about me

                  …….and supporting Macmillan nurses

                 Thanks for everything you did for me

                 …….and everyone this money will help

                I know it cost you

                but I know you care

               You shouldn’t have

               But I’m glad you did!

               You are bright stars that shine on our lives

               You picked us up when we were down

               You will be with me every step I take


                You are all unforgettable

           Thank you and Goodbye. 

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