Everest Base Camp with Macmillan (28 days to go!!)

Saturday 5th October 2013

I know, I know it’s October. Only 28 days to go before we set off for Kathmandu and the trip to Base Camp. (Which means it is only 21 days to the most important wedding of the 21st century to date. I’d better do some drafting of a speech. Any ideas will be gratefully received) I am, therefore, beside myself with excitement. Adrenaline is coursing through my veins. I need to calm down or I will be impossible to talk to for the next four weeks. I am seriously talking to myself everyday. Saying, amongst other things…

‘Keep up the training.’

‘Watch what you are doing.’

‘Complete your checklist of things to do.’

‘Find time for important things…writing a speech.’

‘Try to ensure the last few fund raising activities go off without a hitch.’

‘Stay calm….I can’t…. Yes you can….No I – YES, you can.’

You get the idea. It feels like the first days of spring, you know that time. The winter is over and all the best weather is still to come and you just feel like running and hopping along the road. You feel happy, like Jacob Marley did on Christmas morning when he knew he was alive.

Training has gone Ok this week but I feel a little bit under prepared for the hilliness of the trek. Should I spend some days next week going up and down some more peaks in The Lakes. Are those who are going on the trip who live in Scotland and Wales going up and down their peaks every weekend? Does it matter? Too many questions, not enough answers. Weight. No movement. Yoga. Good I am definitely improving and I will keep this up after I return from the trip. Walks three. All up hill and all tiring, (didn’t I tell you I’ve had ‘man- flu’ all week). 10hrs 35mins; 26:1mls and 5280ft climbed. A 1000m (3280feet) ascent and descent, at altitude, in one day sounds like it will be fun!!

What I learnt this week. How to pack (when you have man-flu). I finally packed the sleeping bag this week. It only folds neatly into the long term storage bag, for the smaller trekking carrier you literally just stuff it any any old way. After a demonstration by a ‘veteran’ traveller I did it myself, twice.

Answers to the final quiz.

Oscar Wilde wrote The Selfish Giant.

Mayhem…etc occurred at the first car boot sale. And all the others actually.

Barden Moor, don’t like it but I keep going back to walk over and across it because it is always a challenge in anything other than perfect weather. (Apparently it is also some kind of nature reserve too! Amazing)

008Where is this Moonscape? Taken from a high point, far away. (Have I told you?!! I’ve had man -flu so apologies for the quality of the image)

A final plea for you to tell your friends, neighbours, work colleagues, and anybody who might remotely support The Quest. Tell them  why I am doing this and ask them to show their support fro the work of Macmillan. This can be done via my justgiving page on this link.


It will all help Macmillan and their nurses carry out a difficult and demanding service at a time when individuals, and their families, need them most. Thank you.


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