The Big Month (Everest Base Camp….Very Soon)

Saturday 28th September 2013

As summer passes into autumn, the weather improves, the sun shines and the weather warms up! Yes that is typical, I know.I therefore realise my second block of training is at an end. I’m about as fit as I probably ever will be! How fit is that? Well the best I could do. Can I do any more?  Yes a little, but now  I will try to maintain what I’ve achieved so far, improve a bit more and try not to be stupid about over doing it. (Therefore must cut down on ice cream and cake!!)  September has been my biggest month for training and I now need to focus on other things as well. As a novice on this kind of trip it even comes down to packing!! For example I spent an hour this week wrestling with fresh air… And I lost! Not only that I was tired out and my legs and arms ached. Why? Well, my sleeping bag comes in a big sack, which it is normally stored in. However, to save space it, supposedly, fits into a little travel bag that takes up the space of a two shoe bag! For one hour I rolled, pushed, squeezed, shoved, turned, twisted this bag all ways, it just doesn’t fit. As I moved the bag the air kept moving from one side of the bag to the other, one corner to the next, top to bottom and so on! The air moves out of one area and builds up in another. I took to stuffing it, jumping, kneading, kneeing, tying, then ….eventually cussing, shouting, having a major paddy and appealing to a greater force. It is still on the floor in the bedroom, mocking me and quietly sniggering! It’s like one of those twenty foot bendy snails that comes out of a baked bean can!!! ‘I will not be put in a smaller bag.’ Hence I need more practice! Any suggestions?

Stats of the week. One Yoga class, apparently I’m some kind of special specimen! I cannot stretch my hamstring muscles, no matter what I do and believe me I do some serious movements. It is bizarre. Try it yourself I bet you can do it! Runs two = aching thighs! Walks two. Bike rides. One. Exercise circuits. Three. Total: 9hrs 49mins; 39:6mls and 4010ft climbed. Weight gained. One pound. What is going on? The weather was good all week. Hurrah!

Did you answer the quiz questions?

Answers. 1. £5000. 2. John Charles, a gentle giant of a man (Google him now!) 3. Horse Riding. (conflict of interest?!)

This weeks questions.

1. How did Oscar Wilde feature in my blog?

2. What was the cause of mayhem, money and madness?

3. Where did I nearly turn disaster into catastrophe, ie where is my nemesis?

In this week after  Macmillan Coffee Mornings I have received more donations towards our total. All because people wish to support Macmillan and to give something back after the help they have been given. Thank you everyone.Show us what you’ve been up to for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and share ideas and recipes through our Online CommunityTwitter and Facebook.

Less than thirty days before I set off!

Until next week. goodbye.

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