How Prepared is Prepared! (EBC…soon!)

Saturday 21st September 2013

How much do you have to do to be ready for trekking to Everest Base Camp? I  am trying to keep up my training so that I can give myself a chance of achieving the objective in November. However, it is becoming harder as the weather starts to deteriorate. Today was a good example. The weather was awful! Have a look at the photos.

Did you say..Here we go again?!

The bottom of Pen Y Ghent. Time to turn back?!

The bottom of Pen Y Ghent. Time to turn back?!

The Ghosts Of Pen Y Ghent

The Ghosts Of Pen Y Ghent

Scrambling the East side. That is not the top!

Scrambling the West side. That is not the top!

The Busy Summit

The Busy Summit

The way down. Somewhere!!

The way down. Somewhere!!

It was like deja vu.  Mist, swirling winds, rain and no sun! Some readers will remember me having a bad day on Barden Moor in April leading to a difficult time expediting myself from the situation. Today was not as bad. Partly because Pen Y Ghent is a ‘friendlier’ place in mist, rain and wind. There is a clear route up to the summit and there are lots of people around. Even when you have a little scramble up the steeper west side. Going up I past lots of other intrepid people. Some just doing the local circuit, others as part of The Three Peaks. Coming down from the summit I met someone who is about to do The Annapurna  Circuit in a couple of weeks. It’s a small world really! She has been working with a personal trainer for a some months and  gave me lots on encouragement and some useful tips! Like ….oh I won’t bother you with the details…anyway I now have more information to absorb. Training, planning, bags, kit, weight limits, boots, weather reports, Diamox, height gained, miles walked, stretching, pull ups. Aaaaaaah. This is what happens when you are preparing on your own. A trainer, or team are a big help. Lesson! You are better doing this as part of a team, even in preparation!However I am now reaching the stage where I can’t take much more information or thinking about this trip, I just want to get on with it!! Wedding fever starts next week, so that will be a welcome distraction and will be something else to think about!

This week I’ve had one Yoga session, I was pleasantly surprised how much I had remembered what to do, I even remembered to breath at the correct time. Always a technical difficulty when I’m yogaing. One bike ride. 3hrs 37mins; 37:5 mls; and half a mile in ascents. Two walks. 3hrs 45mins; 8:4mls and 2165 ft climbed. Weight gained. Three pounds. Nooooooo!

The last car boot sale tomorrow, I’m selling off the remains, of the leftovers, of the unsolds! Bargins galore!! It’s the Macmillan Coffee Morning next week 27th September. If you know of one in your area try and support it! They are aiming for over £16  million this year, so I believe. A mountain to climb for them but not as big as the one people who need their help are having to climb!

Six more blogs. Is there anything you’d like to know… That I’m prepared to tell you!

Finally my blog quiz. A future Mastermind subject! A few each week to focus on my targets!!

1. What was my target for raising money?

2. Who is this about? Why was he important?

Admittedly, Big John still cut an awesome and easily recognisable figure – tall, white hair swept back, broad shoulders and enchanting smile lighting up a face with the strongest of features – but it still came as a surprise as local inhabitants almost exploded with joy at seeing him again. There were cries of “Il Re! Il Re!” As they jumped up from their seats in the street cafes, where they were enjoying the autumn sun before the snow came.

What was truly amazing was the age range of those who leapt to their feet to pat him on the back or shake his hand. From callow youth to grizzled veteran, they all knew and respected this hero of the past. No reminders were required. They knew that here was someone special.’

3. What am I not doing while training for this trek?

(All answers are in the 50 odd blogs to date!or you can wait until next week.)

Hopefully I will be with you then!

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