Places to Go. People to…(EBC – 7 weeks to go)

Saturday 14th September 2013

Places to go, people to see, things to do! Everything seems to becoming quite hectic. I do not know whether this is some kind of mind illusion (You know the kind of thing I mean….that last mile on the walk which seems to be actually three miles! That last five minutes of a football match that seems to last fifteen minutes. The last ten minutes of a journey that feels like three hours. The extra ten minutes in bed that seems to go in ten seconds.) but  I have no time left at the end of a day. Not everything is achieved by the end of the week. However I am trying to stick to my targets, as mentioned last week. I wonder whether this is because there is a definite end point, November, to all this activity. Hence cramming is going on. I take my hat off to the majority of people who are doing this trek and continuing in a full time job and raising money. What I have learnt this week. Do not moan about being too busy, it’s a luxury! I am lucky to be given the chance to do this and I should remember that.

Stat…of the week.

THANK YOU! We have reached our target of £5,000.Our logo

Quite simply this is down to all the generous and unexpected support from hundreds of people that I know, some that I have met only once (to take a donation of them!) and to the hundreds of people who have given money that I have never met nor am I likely to. It has been difficult at times. I have been way outside my comfort zone all the way but I am glad I did some of it myself, persuaded others to help me with activities and for others, out of the blue, to decide they would help out with an event. Thank you seems an inadequate response but it is the only one that means anything!

So is that the end? Well not quite. If you know anybody who would like to support Macmillan they can do so via this link . I am tempted to try for another additional sum but I think the best thing is to say any more that we can add to the total will be such a bonus to Macmillan.

The less important stats of the week. Yoga sessions. One, I am a little less mobile than before the school holidays. Bike rides. One. 2hrs 5mins; 19:6mls & 2182ft climbed. I found a new source of blackberries and hazelnuts, so that was a bonus! Walks. Two. 9hrs 16mins; 25:2 mls & 4752ft climbed. Weight gained. Three pounds, too much ice cream, cake and chocolate, (it is only a week before the end of summer!) Hfh, four, all on the same day and one actually tried to bit me on the ankle, I never had my walking sticks out as quickly! Adders seen. One, basking in the sun on a rock! Unfortunately by the time I pulled out the camera it had slopped off into the warm undergrowth, amazing five minutes from home and ten minutes from Wetherby.

Moon Rise. Time for home.

Until next week. Thank you & Goodbye.

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One Response to Places to Go. People to…(EBC – 7 weeks to go)

  1. Lee says:

    Well done Charlie! Doesn’t seem that long ago when you were just starting out! Great effort.

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