Collecting Myself (EBC – 9 weeks to go)

Sunday 1st September 2013


In nine weeks we will be ready for the start of the trip. Considering all that and the fact that it was still school holidays, and I was working on the house, and there was important family matters to sort out, and I needed to visit a couple of people who were not well, and we were going on a barge trip, and I’d had a load more injections, and I was feeling a little jaded, and I was feeling a little tired, and things were becoming frenetic around the house (not everyone has the same mindset as me), and this week was going to be a busy one, (as far as I can see that will be the case all the way through to November), and my back was sore, and the garden was looking a little over-run… I thought, well may be I need to take a week off training and just more or less forget about it. So I did.

Therefore. Stats of the week. Yoga. None. Walks. None. Runs. None. Circuits. None. Swimming. None. Bike Rides. None. Time in boots. None. Time thinking about it. None. Sleep. Lots. Food. Moderate amounts. Ice creams. Moderate daily amounts.Booze. Moderate amounts.

Do you know what. I feel a lot more refreshed and am raring to go this next week again as the weather warms up again during the course of this week. So enjoy the last few weeks of this summer and I will be back next week with details of my continual battles with weight, weather, hills, fells, rain, wind, hfh, and the final push towards the fund raising targets.

Until then. Goodbye. Have a good week.

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