Oh My Goodness! (Everest Base Camp – 11 weeks to go)

Sunday 18th August 2013

Next week will be ten weeks to go, so here are 10 things I need to do before I go. Any suggestions or changes will be gratefully accepted.

Ten things to do before November 1st!!

10. Plan out my last few week’s training and make sure I stick to it.

9. Check all the required kit is bought and worn in! Make sure I have a travel bag for it all.

8. Complete vaccination programme and buy travel insurance.

7. Climb Scafell Pike, Siddaw and Blencathra. Three favourites in The Lakes.

6. Write out a daily list to take with me…or I will forget …e.g. to put my boots on. Yes I’ve walked out of the house having done that!

7. Decorate the list of things I have drawn up around the house. Some major, others minor but it will take the best part of a month!

8. Make sure our fund raising target, of £5,000, is reached by arranging and completing the last three planned events.

9. Relax. Reflect. Walk the walk…in my head.

10. ?… For the one thing you are all saying….Don’t forget to……

Stats for the week. Weight wise..too much pizza, pasta, scotch whiskey (not my fault bytheway, it was all bought for me) and cake! Training circuits, three! Swimming sessions one! No bikes…in for mending and a service. Walking; 14:6 hrs, 36:5 mls on the SWCP; 6864ft climbed! It was hard. it was glorious. It was stunning. It was the SWCP, the best walking in the whole country. Yep it was! Nothing can compare. Photos to follow next week!

Further to the question of what will you do next year. There are two events which are up for discussion and planning. The Coast to Coast. The South West Coastal Path…,in one go. Maybe!

From the Macmillan website this week a reminder of the things they can do for you or someone you know.

“We provide high quality, up-to-date cancer information for cancer patients, their families and carers. All of our information is written and reviewed by specialists.

We will be adding more cancer information to these pages in coming months.

For further cancer information, see the full Macmillan web site.”

Have a good week! Bye for now.

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