Pin Cushion Time (Everest Base Camp – 12 weeks to go)

Sunday 11th August 2013

Becoming a human pincushion this weeeeek brought home to me how close the time is before we all set off on this expedition to Nepal. (As did the discussion on Facebook about insurance…Note to me. Make sure the insurance covers all requirements, including trekking at this altitude as well as ‘rescue’ services like helicopters. In short read the small print because usually I never do!!). I went along for a consultation, at our excellent Springs Lane Health Centre, armed with my Lonely Planet guidebook,  and before I knew it bing, ding I’d agreed to, and had, two injections for Hepatitis with more appointments to come over the next month. These will cover all the ones I do not have or are not up to date, including Rabies and Typhoid. Rather strangely apart from anything else I came out all excited because somehow, for some reason, it all became suddenly more real. almost the point of no turning back!! It was certainly an important milestone ( I keep passing these on the way to November through training, money raising or learning about myself).

Stats of the week are mixed. Books read. None. I need some info about this trip! Brain games. One. A dismal effort. I’m feeling the pressure of school holidays and it is making schedules difficult to maintain and targets more difficult to reach. One private yoga lesson, following the CD, it is restful but also active at the same time. One run, a heaving mass of breathlessness was seen clomping the road to Nesfield, and back, in a very unremarkable time of 8:59 minutes a mile. I missed a bike ride, a bout of not feeling well and I missed one walk, so I ‘lost’ four hours walking which I hope to make up on Monday.  Weight wise I lost two pounds and am on 12 and a half stone now!! Walked twice covering 21 miles; in 8hrs 36mins and climbed 3696 ft.

The second walk was in fact one of the best of the whole training programme. A near 11 mile walk from Keld to Swinner Gill along a very narrow ‘Balcony’ track above the ravine/Gill. Then a climb up to the top of the Gill itself, very steep, followed by a walk over the top of a heather/ bracken moor. Later to descend to Muker and then back to Keld by climbing up again to Kisdon and then walking another ‘Balcony’ back to Rukins in Keld just in time for afternoon tea. The views were just breathtaking we could have been walking in the Chamonix Valley. However, we knew we were in Keld because the home made,toasted teacake and coffee would have been nothing like this in France!!

The photos do not do justice to this walk! A favoured place in The Yorkshire Dales that matches any Lakeland scenery.

Scenes from the Keld Walk.

Why Can’t I come?


One of the four waterfalls around Keld.

012                           010

On ‘The Balcony’ looking back to Keld.


The Lower end of Swinner Gill + The Gill from across the valley at Kisdon (we were going back by now). Follow the Gill and  track in the middle of the photo for our route to the top.016      025

The River Swale from the Kisdon ‘Balcony’ track.    Muker village.

026  022

I know I am going on but it was a beautiful walk!

As for fundraising we are 96% of the way there now. I am almost speechless (that would never happen really!). What a fantastic effort from all the Team! (especially Queen for a Week & Soon to be Married and their knights in shining armour)+ family +friends + strangers + people from Walton, Tadcaster, York, London, Lancaster  and Ilkley who have all made this possible. You have lightened the load and paved the way with your generosity. Macmillan has been blessed by your support. Thank you. Every step I take I will feel the support you have given me in these difficult times.

Until next week. Goodbye.

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2 Responses to Pin Cushion Time (Everest Base Camp – 12 weeks to go)

  1. I remember all those injections and Yes, suddenly it does seem real at that point. The good thing is that you should be covered wherever you go in the next twenty years. You’re doing a great job with the training – keep it up.

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