Training Camp. Birthdays. Brilliance (EBC -13 weeks to go)

Sunday 4th August 2013

imageTraining Camp Headquarters

This was the week, this was! It has been very busy, again, and keeping up with the training has proved even more difficult. However when it is one of your oldest and best friend’s ‘biggish’ birthday followed your daughter’s birthday priorities change. Then to finish it all a Charity Cricket Match raised loads of money for ‘The Quest,’ thanks to all who played, paid and supported. In between these events we managed to work and continue to use the facilities at training camp headquarters, Seckford Hall near Woodbridge! So I’ve been climbing up very steep hills on the treadmill hilly machine, running, rowing and swimming. It all sounds good but I’m no Steve Redgrave so I was not dropping off the machines unable to walk. I did think I’d strained my heart at one stage…if that is possible?!! My thigh muscles were definitely feeling the strain by the end of the week. The first time they have been under any real stress since I started training.

Everybody I met this week who is reading the blog said they always looked for the ‘Stats of the Week,’ and there I was fretting about the content and everyone skips over to what I have been doing. Only thirteen weeks to go and you’ll not have to read it again! Thirteen weeks eeeeeeeeek, must do more. Faster, longer, higher, further. Mmmmm. Could that be the ‘Appleyard’ motto…’Faster. Further. Higher. Longer.’ It has a 21st century ring about it!!

Stats of the week. Weight lost one pound, well it is moving again. Self controlled yoga sessions, one. I followed the instructions on the CD! Times in gym and pool, three, therefore three bouts of heavy sweating and heaving for breath! Walks, two, 21:2mls; 9hrs 50mins & 2985ft climbed…Suffolk is very flat, as is London! It was strange been back in the hills today but good despite the rain.

Scenes from a Memorable week.

054The coastal path at Aldburgh on a ‘Wild’ day.

095Rousham House. A wonderful place to walk. Forget the training just enjoy one of the best three gardens in England.

131It really is.Photo 03-08-2013 18 04 34Honestly, it came down to the last ball. What a great end to a wonderful day’s entertainment. Well done to all. Very inspiring.

Photo 03-08-2013 16 35 54Tea IntervalPhoto 03-08-2013 20 02 44Brilliance. A full bucket at the end of the day’s play all helped ‘The Quest.’

“Getting the information you need at the time you need it can make you feel a little bit more empowered, a little less anxious and a little less alone. ”

Kim, cancer information nurse specialist

I know I keep saying this but thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people who helped push the total to 90% this weekend. Can we get to the £5,000 mark? It is a privilege to be doing this, you all inspire me to go that extra mile when I’m training. If nothing else is achieved Macmillan’s work has received invaluable support. Strangers will have benefited, as might a Mum, or Dad, Aunt or Uncle or someone who lives in a far away house, in a far away street, in a far away village, or town or city. Someone you’ll never know, or hear about, will be comforted and helped in their time of greatest need. I am saying thank you, to you, from them!

Until next week. Goodbye.

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