Sunshine Fever (Everest Base Camp – 14 weeks to go)

imageLeafy lanes are to be found everywhere

Sunday 28th July 2013

Another late entry for the blog. I know things are starting to heat up now because it is becoming difficult to keep exactly to schedules. I keep upsetting people because I miss deadlines or am late for a meeting, event because I am out doing something. I am flexible with my routine for training but unless there is an emergency I do try to stick to my plan. So some days this means not having a drink when all around me are slowly, but clearly, becoming thrashed, or completing my walk and then going off somewhere, an hour late because I took a ‘diversion’ ( sadly there are still too many of these…this included a two mile diversion last week because the National Trust had moved all their signs and chose not to suggest a route across some open, coastal heathland. I really didn’t think I needed a compass on the coast! How wrong can you be sometimes. Note to self always, always, always back your compass even if you are going to the coast. Also remember to switch the contents from one rucksack to the other! I didn’t…again! It was so hot I took my very light rucksack, but still managed to fill it up with lots to carry, mainly water. Sadly nothing else hence no compass, emergency bag etc. Oooops)

I could say that last week I was at a training camp, where I tried to boost my fitness and move up a level. However that would be a tall story. Now that school has broken up we were off visiting for two special birthdays. This was a great social event in the hot sun that also allowed me a few days using the hotel gym, swimming pool and leisure facilities. I am not a member of a gym, no discipline I’m afraid I would be wasting my money. However, I did find it useful on the running machine, the climbing machine and the rower in particular. So much so that I thought it would be a useful way of training if I wasn’t able to use my local ‘facilities in The Dales and The Lakes. So, I have learnt this week, obvious really, that there is not just one way to train. Flexibility, maybe that’s the key. While completing a long walk around the coast, flat, very windy (wild really, the sort of wind that sends children and teachers into some wild demon like state where they all become hyper, packed with energy and trying to fly) and very hot I tried carrying three litres of water on my back. It was very heavy and very difficult to consume, despite the fact it was 26c at times, really sweaty weather. I am now going to carry this weight all the time I’m out, I need to get used to it, try it, it’s really heavy…it’s also a lot of water to drink!!


Finally stats of the week to combine with my ‘Tour de Suffolk.’ It is cooler here in Yorkshire! This strange week I walked 11hrs 16 mins; covered 26:7 miles and climbed around 6141ft. I experienced five early morning sessions in the hotel pool and gym, missed my yoga sessions (summer holidays), only walked but did carry the water wherever I went. Incidentally I am a terrible, awful swimmer so I didn’t have to practice swimming while gasping for breath, it was a natural occurence during my spell in the water! Weight…best not talk about that! Brain gym…best not talk about that. Circuit training…certainly best not talk about that. What was I doing in the gym then…ah well that is a secret between me and those who witnessed the whole affair!

The hot weather has brought out the good in so many people so I continued to add to the target total this week. Thanks to everyone, again!

The summer has still continued to be a hot, sunny one and let us hope it keeps going like this. If it does I will enjoy my training and will, hopefully, let you know how it goes next week. Until then goodbye.


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