Enjoying the Sunshine (Everest Base Camp – 15 weeks to go)

Sunday 21st July 2013

Busy so busy it’s nearly the end of term so the whole world seems to be working at fever pitch! OOOOooppps!! I did not have time to turn the computer on yesterday so I missed posting my up to date blog about the training for last week.

Scenes from a walk along the valley on to the South Ridge and to the top of Great Whernside. Hot day, very very quiet and still, good viewing. Lovely day to be out in the open countryside.

015Leaving Kettlewell in the early morning sun

017The semi circular walk ahead

018The trig point is up there somewhere!

019Looking down the valley of the River Wharfe

021The cotton grass has been glorious all over the fells and moors this summer

024Ingleborough looming in the heat mist as we turn to walk along the fell to the summit

027Looking back to the gullies on the way down

029 Fountain’s Fell just visible over the ridge, the path over the top is to Arncliffe

030Walking on the edge of the Gorge on the way down and back to Kettlewell

Before stats of the week a quick reminder. My training programme is based on the following facts. My poor level of fitness in February, see my 60th photos! The need to lose weight anyway. The info sent to me by Macmillan. Help from others who are already very fit and do ‘super walks/treks/events…and others who have done this trip. Support from my self- appointed physio and my younger voice of conscience. A desire to re-acquaint myself with The Dales, The Lakes & mountains of England, Wales & Scotland. Finally the need to be as fit as I can without spending a fortune travelling…unfortunately I can’t afford to go off high altitude training, we are not all Chris Froome or Mo Farah. Finally I am active because if I sit and wait I will never do myself justice. I want to go the whole way and do not want fitness to be the one thing that is the problem. You all know what might be and that is in the hands of fate etc!! Others will train far less, stroll there and back and think nothing of it. Sport has taught me that everyone has their way and you have to accept that. Good for them! If it works for you so be it.

What seems to be working for me are the 200 steps directly up on to the Moor, which I can see from my house. Therefore, this week I walked 7hrs 6mins; covered 18:7 miles and climbed 4,866 ft. I also cycled for 96mins; 18:7mls and climbed 1182ft. I also had one run of about 55mins and covered nearly 6mls in a time which can be best described as slow, mind you it has been very hot this week, even when I have been going out very early or late, to avoid the middle day heat. It has still been very humid. I also had one yoga class, three circuits and a long talk to a man who went to base camp in 1985, has climbed all over the world, had three hip operations, snapped his achilles tendon and was still planning his next trip to The Alps. A little humbling! I asked, ‘What was the biggest problem?’ He replied, ‘…ams…’ hummpphhh. Weight is hovering around 8lbs above my target, so still a way to go there. (I am looking forward to eating three Marathon bars a day. Poor joy. Bytheway he also said the track was not really too bad to walk on and said there were more uncomfortable places to walk in Scotland.)

Another good week for fund raising, we have added another £150 towards are target. Thank you to all involved it means we keep nudging towards this particular summit. Bit like crawling to EBC, which is what I will do, if I have to, that would be very, very slow but it will be worth it. Even if I miss the plane and have to walk home from Kathmandu! I’m always missing buses, trains and times so another one will not make any difference.

The days are rolling into high summer now so I’m off to make the most of the good weather and conditions before the rain appears and brings everything back to reality. As I am doing this I will be reflecting on a question someone said to me at a bit of a do on Saturday, (I was drinking elderflower juice!), she said, ‘What will you do when it’s all over?’ I didn’t really have an answer but it is funny isn’t it. At the beginning of this blogging  I was thinking about the months ahead, training, fund -raising, comfort zones and already it’s time to look beyond. The never ending glory of life… keep looking forward!

Winter (eg Australia) or summer(Britain 2013) hot or cold; have a good week.

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