Heading for the High Bridges (Everest Base Camp – 16 weeks to go)

Sunday 14 th July 2013

I occasionally buy Country Walking magazine, I find it very useful for information about kit and the like. It also gives ideas for walks and hikes around the whole of the British Isles. This month, July, was a stormer. It had a route up Scafell Pike, which I had not done and will now try. A feature on Horse Head Moor, (we did this last week but ours was a more dramatic, longer and challenging route.) It also had a feature on walking to Everest Base Camp and seemed to make light work of, by all accounts, a difficult trek (!!), this was kind of encouraging in a downbeat way! Another feature was about a walk in The Highlands, The Mamores, otherwise known as ‘The Ring of Steall.’ This is a high level walk, with narrow ridges and awe-inspiring views. The steep climbs include some easy scrambles and The Devil’s Ridge, which apparently has a narrow path and steep drops on either side on the way up to the summit. It looks very narrow and very steep. This is why I now have to go up to Scotland and do this walk. As regular readers will know my head for heights has worsened over time, age…maybe. Too much thinking. I’m not sure,  but it has. So walks like that are a challenge to me. It would push the boundaries out a little further. Incidentally CW calls this an ‘Extreme’ walk, I’ve never seen one of those before…so watch this space. It would be good practice for November. Apart from the trekking to EBC itself I have read other blogs, guidebooks etc and there are lots of rather precarious bridges to cross over, with and without Yaks. It all sounds too exciting to believe and so outside my comfort zone I do not fully grasp the momentous nature of it all. It makes you tingle in anticipation. Bridges, ridges, high paths all on one trip! Oh and Everest waiting at the end!

The weather has been kind this week again, how long will it keep going? It certainly gives a different dimension from the winter and spring when we were stomping about in three foot of snow and not being able to cross valleys and reach peaks because of the drifts. Long may the sun continue. Actually walking in the heat and humidity, 25c and higher has proven to be quite difficult, but….I am not complaining. So my training week was like this. One bike ride; 2hrs 26mins, 25:1 miles and 2120ft climbed. Two walks; 8hrs 37mins 24:8 miles and 3389ft climbed. Two circuit sessions and a light yoga session. Not going to talk about my weight or boots or brain gym exercises this week, far too embarassing!

More contributions this week have helped towards our total. Thanks to everyone again! Our house is starting to look like one of those places where people call in a tv crew and the presenters get them to help clear out all the things that have accumulated over thirty, forty or even fifty years! It seems every time I meet a relation or friend they say, ‘ Oh before you go. Here you are. I was clearing out some cupboards and thought this might be useful for your car boot sales.’ My stock is rising by the day! So roll on car boot sales in late July and early August.

Only one photo this week.


Wind Turbines on a return one evening. Although it was late coming down off the Moors it didn’t stop me from having a real surprise to see a group of exchange students charging up the fell side with their cameras to catch this scene.

Keep enjoying the sun. Have a good week.

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