Keeping A Sense of Balance (Everest Base Camp -17 weeks to go)

Sunday 7th July 2013

Keeping a sense of balance about this trip and the training involved is proving difficult. I want to be as fit as possible, but timing that, and not tiring myself out, and not wearing my boots out and living my life is not proving easy to manipulate. So I scaled back this week, kept climbing the steps, regularly, on to the Moors and did another walk and left it at that. (Bytheway I still have not found out how long a pair of boots should, broadly speaking last. The three opinions I have listened to this week all said round about 500 – 700 miles, which is nothing. If that is the case I will definitely need some more boots before I go. This will be disappointing, in fact it is disappointing, surely boots should last longer than that?!)

More views from  the training.

001 Bolton Abbey, on the way up Simon’s Seat.

002Always a favourite spot for a break.

013Langstrothsdale and Horse Head Pass All dayer, looking down Wharfedale.

016Yep that’s the destination and there is Pen Y Ghent in the hazy sun.

015The path winds it’s way towards Horse Head Pass.

0192,000ft to the top of the fell. One of the longest,slowest pulls up a Fell side I have expeienced. It was 26c, humid and sunny!

021Looking down to the Littondale Valley. This was our second 2,000ft ascent of the day!

023Gone over the top. Buckden is still a long way away. (Buckden Pike in the distance in the late afternoon haze) It’s a long way down and guess who left their walking poles in the car, I still need a check list for the day’s walking. Does that silly or is it just age?

029Trying to be clever and arty as we are nearly back. Always a bad idea. But the low level pastures are at their best now. Like alpine meadows but lower down!

So this week I experienced one Yoga lesson. Using the word ‘participated’ is probably stretching the boundaries of reality somewhat, it suggests I did what all the others did! Unfortunately I am still continuing with my own, rather unique, interpretation of the events the others are all doing very well. My teacher is wonderfully patient and smiles as she assists my efforts. However I do feel more bendy! I have put on two pounds.aaauuuugh! Had one physio session. Completed two fitness circuits. Completed two walks. 21:35 mls, 8hrs 42 mins and 6336ft climbed. This included the all day walk around Langstrothdale and over Horse Head and then back to Buckden. It really is  a beautiful day out when the sun shines. Part of The Dales where you are only likely to meet  half a dozen people the whole walk, even in high summer. The whole world will be able to see this next summer when Le Tour passes through our local towns, villages and this very area. I even saw a sign in a shop window yesterday saying this  was on the route of the Tour…already. It’s so exciting. I bet there will be more that a dozen people this time next year.

More contributions this week have moved us a little closer. Thank you for your kind donations and best wishes.

Enjoy the sunshine, if you are in Britain. Our first hot spell for years. If you live anywhere else in the world I hope you still enjoy it but I bet you wonder why we are obsessed by it. No answer really! Have a good week.

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2 Responses to Keeping A Sense of Balance (Everest Base Camp -17 weeks to go)

  1. What a beautiful area to train in, we have sunshine in Perth too but it’s cold – middle of winter and we’re expecting rain later this week.

    I wouldn’t worry about wearing the boots out before you go, I don’t think there’s any risk of that. As for putting on weight – do it! You WILL lose weight on the trek, I lost 6-7 kgs. Have another chocolate biscuit 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments, Sometimes I just need a little boost like that. It was really hard work going up the second Fell after over twelve miles. Hot and a long climb.Yes I am lucky, this training has made me realise this more than ever. I hope you keep finding it of some interest. Charles

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