Is this Training Plan a Good One? (Everest Base Camp -18 weeks to go)

Sunday 30th June 2013

Sometimes you can think too much about lots of different things. I keep going up and down these hills and fells and will be going a little higher, further and longer over the next two months. I am asking myself is this enough? What is enough? Should I be doing more? Much more? How long? When? Processing all of this into active work and preparation is somewhat like walking in the dark, with no battery in the torch, in the rain and no sense of where you are really. Other than, you know where you want to be and when…roughly. Yes you’ve guessed it I am finding this tiring, and I am bit fed up of walking in the rain, wet and wind!

This week I have done one Yoga class, had another yoga session, and completed two circuit sessions.  Completed one bike ride; 11:85 miles, 1hr 22mins & climbed 843ft . One run; 3:85mls in just under 40mins, (slow). Three walks; 23:10 mls, 11hrs 59 mins & 4319ft climbed. A question just dawned on me how many miles does an average pair of walking boots do before they are worn out or ineffective? Surely this pair I bought last September will be the ones that will be used on the trek?!!

Hawes to Buckden scenes from journey (3)

The Summit of Ingleborough was clear…at this point.

Thanks to the contributors from this week. We edged a little closer to the total.

Have a good week. Goodbye.

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