Enjoying Spring (EBC – 21 weeks to go)

Sunday 9th June 2013

Isn’t it strange, after one of the coldest, longest winters we can all remember this spring is turning out to be one of the best. The gardens and the countryside look absolutely wonderful at the moment. The late cold weather held lots of things back and the warm weather we are having now has brought out the plants that should be around. So plants that are late are combining with the regular ones for the time of year to give us all a glorious display. This makes me smile, and relax as I am plodding around the lanes and hills and as I heard yesterday, people have been much ‘happier’ with a little bit of sun and warm weather. If I was a writer I would be able to articulate this better but I cannot so I have to turn to books I have read. One of my favourite books is Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson, you may have seen the BBC series of the same name but the book is so much better. It is a wonderful, evocative, loving description of life and times in rural, late Victorian, England. They were not easy times, or always happy but every time I read it it makes me appreciative, it is a warm book that lets you feel the life and times it describes in a way most modern descriptions fail to do. It also reminds me how lucky I am to live now. (If I could write I would do a similar book for 50’s and 60’s rural Yorkshire, when winter was cold, summer hot and we always won the County Championship…just so you know!!) I only mention it because over the last weeks this weather and this training I have been doing has put me into to places, and at times, I would never have normally been. So I have smelt the wild garlic mingling with bluebells, in June, in Panorama Woods, Bolton Abbey and the Windrush Valley. Breathed in the freshly mown fields as the farmers take the first cutting of hay in Askwith, Thorp Arch and Burford. Heard cuckoos on Ilkley Moor, by the cricket field in Walton and in the gorge leading down from Buckden Pike and seen the best array of countryside flowers I can remember for years, I’d show you some photos but I’m terrible with a camera! So enjoy this weather wherever you are, I hope it makes you smile and helps you relax. As dramatic as the scenes are likely to be in Nepal in November and as much as I am looking forward to it somehow I know they will not make me feel like I do when I an walking in the Britain Isles in this kind of weather at this time of year.

This week. One session with the physio crunching my back into place! No yoga. Three circuits. Two walks 2hrs 42mins, 13:9 mls and 2227ft climbed. Weight gained, 2lbs, there is trouble brewing here! This is the end of my first sixteen week bloc of training, so I will be analysing the progress I have made and what shape I am in now and what I need to be by the end of the next bloc. I am only trying to organise myself like this because I need to have the routine of the plan in place so I can keep the momentum going as time move towards October. It’s getting close now!!

Fundraising has slightly stalled at the moment but in this first block the team has reached 78% of the target. Thanks to everyone who has helped to date wherever in the world you are, I could not have reached this far without your support.

Until next week. Goodbye.

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One Response to Enjoying Spring (EBC – 21 weeks to go)

  1. You are so lucky to have such beautiful countryside to train in – keep it up, every step taken counts, and don’t worry about a little bit of weight you WILL lose some on the trek. I lost about 6 kilos and that was even on a diet of pizza, past and potatoes that they kept feeding us 🙂

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