Mountains to Meadows (EBC – 23 weeks to go )

Sunday 26th May 2013

7:49am Wednesday morning!

Ilkley Moor…heading towards the Wireless Station.

Bike chain has already been off once.

Uuufff, urgh aaarahhh. COME ON! Yes! This is steep? You can make it. Uuurrhh ummppm. COME ON! Keep going…..Ooohh, urrrhhhh. ****** **.!!!!!! Urrh urrh urrh! Nearly there… No I’m not.  Yes I am. urrrhhh. ( I am now seriously gasping for breath… Every muscle hurts) ahu ahu ahu! COME ON…..then..

“Good Morning Sir, are we near the Swastica Stone?”


“Uhhh, uhhhh, uhhh it’s uhhh, uhhh uhhh ov ove over the ther there.”

“Please sir catch your breath. You look tired and a little white.”

“Ok than thanks.”….(I then go into a spin, my eyes black over, I feel dizzy, uhhhh uhhh…deep breaths, deep breaths!!!)

The Dutch tourists stare at me for fully five minutes. Smiling. All the time. Waiting patiently.

After this time, a big drink of water, I stammer out their route, they are a mile off track. Gratefully they set off giggling, no doubt thinking a little about mad englishmen in the morning.

Thank God they stopped me or else I might have pushed on a bit too far. Then there would have been no stats of the week. As it was I completed the rest of the ride in drizzly rain reflecting on how hard I pushed myself and would it be like this in November and what would I do if it was. The stats are in fact as follows. Yoga classes one, poor effort, could not seem to bend myself as much, the penalty for missing three weeks. Weight + 1lb…very bad, am going the wrong way here. Bike rides, one. 15 mls, 1hr 50mins and 1580ft climbed. Walks two. 18:8mls, 4hr 43mins and 2200ft climbed.

This included four of us ambling through the idyllic Cotswolds countryside. It was magical, 22 degrees, full hot sun. A reminder that the Northern Fells and Mountains are not the only places in Britain that are wonderful to walk through and it is not always necessary to half kill yourself. Grassy meadows bedecked with wild flowers of every posssible type from bluebells to cowslips, to cow parsley…blues, reds, yellows, pinks, whites, the smell of wild garlic, early honeysuckles, wisteria, daisies, dandelions, blossoms, pink & white. Birds, off all kinds singing to the glory. Fetch me a poet or a painter I want to remember a great family weekend in glorious weather in the most beautiful countryside imaginable. Why? For all these reasons on their own…and one more. He  came back from the brink again. Well done Dad.

So in this special week. Thank you to everyone who has added towards are target this week. we are now 77% of the way there…but we are not stopping? Let’s try and break the £5,000 barrier!

In closing can I ask you to pass the blog address,, on to your friends, they might read it, they might like to follow it and support Macmillan. Alternatively, they could also do this by visiting

Until next time. Have a great BANK HOLIDAY weekend!! Goodbye.

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