Mayhem, Madness, Money (EBC – 24 weeks to go)

Sunday 19th May 2013

This all happened at once and in a frenzy, before we completed the setting up. It went on for half an hour. Books. DVDs. Clothes. Linen. Toys. Cuddly teddy bears. Games. Ornaments. Kitchen equipment. All were put under the stress and strain of a ………Car Boot Sale. My first one ever. All I can say is I’m glad my sister was there!! How much?  £1…50p? No £1….75p. No £1….80p? No £1…85p. Sorry £1…86p? No £1… the money is going to Macmillan. No not two for one, £1 each.  No I will not throw in those two pairs of socks with that teddy. Hi. Yes it’s all going to Macmillan. Watch that box over there. Ooooh it’s on the floor. I’ll pick it up. Please, just what is on the table. Yes it’s a real camera. All genuine DVDs. Where did you put the change? No the balloons are not for sale. Repeat x30. Very quickly.  Repeat again x30. Quickly. After 30 minutes relax! Remember to breathe. All over bar the shouting!

Aaaaaaah! It was good fun, not sure about crawling out of bed just before 4am, having just crawled into it three hours before. At least it was sunny on the drive over to sit in the queue at 5:30ish….and we were at the back. It’s a whole new world. I keep saying this at every event, I know, but it is true.Well was it worth it? Yes it was, we raised nearly £180 and spent six hours in the company of the lovely people of York. My favourite place in the whole universe, never mind the world!! They were pleasant, polite, interested and supportive of Macmillan. I hope everyone enjoys the bargins they took home!

This week.Walking, 9:3 hrs walking, 24 mls and 4224ft climbed. Bike 1:40hrs, 16:6 mls and 957ft climbed. This was very hard! Worse than a walk!! Yoga classes none. Weight + 2lbs…oh dear! (Warm weather = ice cream, that’s all I can say.)

In closing can I ask you to pass the blog address,, on to your friends, they might read it, and support Macmillan. Alternatively, they could also do this by visiting Until next time. Goodbye.

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