The Kindness of Others can be Overwhelming! (EBC – 28 weeks to go)

Sunday 21st April 2013

Passing milestones is always good. I have done two in two weeks. Walking over five hours in one stretch, aka  a 15+ slog over the Beamsley – Round Hill circuit! Secondly I’m now ‘only’ 13 stone. 1st 2lbs has disappeared. Hurrah!! Only one more to go but I’m just over half way to my target. Will he keep it up my five readers are asking. I am trying really I am. Also this week, one Yoga class, didn’t help my bad back, this is becoming a nuisance as the planting out season approaches. No run…far too windy, ie gale force on the appointed day. Two exercise circuits. Four walks; 9.1hrs, 24.8mls and 6,108ft climbed. Two walks not on my own, therefore less chance for ‘dark’ thoughts! Am stopping reading what all the other members of the team going to EBC are up to because I can only do what I can do. They all seem so super-fit and young!

Another £200 added on to the fundraising total this week. Approaching 60% of the way to the target now. Apart from the physical challenge of the trek, the way many people have responded with help, advice and support, by contributing to the fund, caring to listen and offering support in quiet ways has made it a special experience in itself so far. By quiet ways I mean people have shown interest and engaged with a stranger doing a mad thing and who should know better at his age! Like at a cake selling event in Specsavers,- where a staff member baked an edible Mt Everest cake, it is huge, go see it in Ilkey Specsavers (  this week, you could win it -many people came up to look at the stall, loads bought cakes, others made contributions and didn’t want a cake but above all they were kind, polite and interested.   Skogstad ( have been helpful with my kit demands and friends have come up with ideas for activities to raise money and entertain, eg a sponsored silence, a charity cricket match; a beetle drive (rolling back the years, all under 50 should look on Google) a concert. Despite all the horrible news this week, and these difficult times,  people are capable of helping just because, well it’s in their nature. I am very grateful to those who have shown this kindness to me. Most importantly it isn’t really to me it is Macmillan and every time I see the advert on television it is a spur to try a little more. There was once a tv programme about a vet called James Herriot. I think the story went like this. One day he treated an old man’s dog and kept on doing so. The old man lived on his own in a little cottage and the dog was his big friend and companion. Eventually the dog died. He was not a wealthy man but had in his house one, oldish looking cigar. The next time he saw the vet the old man gives the vet this cigar, expressing his thanks for the help he gave to the dog. The vet doesn’t know what to say. Would you! I didn’t when someone saw my Macmillan T shirt in the street on Saturday, stopped me and gave me 50p and walked off. I can’t even tell you if it was a man or woman. So thank you. All of you. 

Please pass the blog address,,on to your friends, they might read it, they might want to support Macmillan.They could do this by visiting

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