I am a S.O.M. (EBC – 32 weeks to go) v2

Sunday 24th March 2013

S.O.M. No I am not an ex- member of some off shoot branch of the SOE, the Special Operations Executive, that is about to reveal lots of secrets about what went  on in those dark days in WW2. Rather more basically, and simply, I have worked out a few things this week that should have been obvious, but for some reason I seem to have taken leave of my senses when I’m doing my training for EBC. Hence SOM, ‘Silly Old Me!’

Monday I was walking  on the Moors in brilliant sunshine through deep snow, without sun glasses and sun cream! Why?! No idea. So by the time I finished the 11 miles I  had a sunburnt head, and headache from the snow reflecting in my face and causing me to squint! Tuesday, the weather closed in and I couldn’t find my compass without emptying my bag! The route was fairly easy to work out but I missed the path at one point and my stick disappeared into nearly three feet of nothing before it hit something solid! I’m sure if Rombalds Moor had a relation it would be the Conan Doyle’s Grimpen Mire on Dartmoor (in real life Fox Tor Mire). Wednesday, I broke my Mallory coming down off the Moor, where it was very snowy, slippy and icy. This resulted in me involuntarily sliding down the side of a hill. Too busy watching my stick and not where I was going. Wainwright always said, ‘Watch where you put your feet?’ So I have ‘relearnt’ the following this week. Always keep suntan cream and sun glasses in your rucksack. Always check essentials, glasses, cream, compass, map are easily accessible. Always watch where you put your feet and carry two sticks, even if there is no intention to use them both. May be I should have an index card size, laminated checklist at the top of my sack before I set off!

Having said all that SOM has made more personal progress this week. Weight lost four pounds. Good but still long way to go. One Yoga class, I’m sure I embarrass everybody else with my inability to follow simple guidance! However I am stretching and flexing places that haven’t moved since I stopped playing cricket. I realised this week breathing in and out at the correct time is not only crucial but essential! Cardio Trainer has logged 30 miles covered, in 12hrs 26 mins with a total of 6339ft climbed. I am finding it better going up hill now but it’s hard work in the snow and gloopy, boggy moorland. I realise though this is  not at altitude! I can’t believe that this is all going on to a backdrop of heavy snow; three foot drifts in our garden yesterday.

I did feel inspired this week despite the weather. This link on YouTube had me all excited. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhgfzEm3CWU&sns=em, it also links to a host of other Everest experiences from charity people who went to the summit to those just going to EBC, a mine of information and entertainment. I know I know, after all, remember, I’m 60 now!Oooh!!

Thanks to all the contributors this week. We are a little nearer!

Please pass the blog address,www.charleseverestbasecamp.wordpress.com,on to your friends, they might read it, they might want to support Macmillan.They could do this by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/Charles-Appleyard

Until next week. Goodbye.

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