We All Love Teddy Bears ( EBC – 33 weeks to go)

Sunday 17th March 2013

A bold statement but that is the evidence from The Table Top Fair on Saturday. More of that in a minute. Training wise a quieter week, as demanded by the programme. However, despite the snow and frost I managed one run, another extra half  mile again, am still keeping the same mile times; lots of wheezing and coughing! Three walks,  16 miles, 5 hours 40 minutes taken and 3400ft climbed in ascents. Weight lost none, I just can’t get off the cakes and bread! Three exercise circuits. What I learnt this week. It is very cold on Rombalds Moor, even in March. Unbelievably  I walked past two frozen waterfalls and a frozen stream which treacherously ran down some steps for about twenty yards. Tricky. HfH six!! Three were far two close to me and one had me reaching for my Mallory, (walking stick/pole; Why Mallory? Oh that’s another story), I was nearly too late but he slunk off at the last second to cries of ‘He’s only trying to be friendly.’ Yeah right.

At the Table Top Fair for charities we had a good couple of hours running a tombola, just about everybody had a go, we made well over £100 and lots of people took the leaflets with my fundraising address on. The star of the show was, however ‘Edmund’ the giant Teddy! Someone donated it for the raffle so we had a guess the name competition and all the names went in about an hour. Everybody seemed to go all misty eyed and gooey at the sight him. Queues formed to stroke his fur. It was the rather younger children who seemed least bothered. In the end it was won by a slightly older woman who was clearly very happy! How strange is this. The woman who gave it to me said considering where you hope to go you should call it Edmund, I laughed and thought nothing of it! However it was one of the names on the chart for someone to choose. When we arrived at the Fair I asked the organiser to to pick a name from the list, write it on a card, put it in an envelope and then seal it. This he did. The person who bought the last name opened the envelope to tell us the name of this giant Teddy. He had been called Edmund. Weird coincidence or what!

The Macmillan Support Line is funded through the generous donations of supporters. In 2011, Macmillan received more than 130,000 calls. If you’d like to help us continue to provide this vital service – you can by making a donation or persuading a friend to do so.

Please pass the blog address,www.charleseverestbasecamp.wordpress.com,on to your friends, they might read it, they might want to support Macmillan.They could do this by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/Charles-Appleyard

Until next week. Goodbye.

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