Twisted Knots (Everest Base Camp – 36 weeks to go)

Sunday 24th February 2013

1. Take one pencil, an elastic band, preferably an older one that is bit worn around the edges, has lost much of its elasticity and is prone to not doing the job required either carefully enough or as quickly as it should.

2. Wrap the elastic band around the end of the pencil, the bit you chew! Repeat until the whole of the band is wrapped around the end of of the pencil. It should be in a kind of lump!

3. Now peel the elastic band off the end of the pencil. Set pencil aside.

4. The elastic band will now be tangled in a strange and yet wonderful shape. It might even look human.

Well done! Try and sit the elastic band on your table, It may wobble, fall about and behave in an unstable manner! This elastic band is now almost an exact copy of the shape I was twisted into at 9.05pm  on Monday evening, during my first Yoga lesson! Yes I did need help to untangle myself. Yes I am a little inflexible. Yes I did find it hard. Yes I did fail to synchronise my breathing with the movement. Yes I was breathing out when I was supposed to be breathing in. Yes it did me a lot of good (my left knee stopped clicking for the first time in years for at least two days). Yes I am going again tomorrow. Yes I really enjoyed it.

Training block has begun this week. 1 yoga session. A climb up two hills in the Howgill Fells. No confrontation with a hound! Two other walks and my first training circuit. Weekly walking fourteen miles, including two walks up over 1200 feet. Progress?!  Weight…still a prob. I love food!

Thanks to all the people who have made a contribution towards The Quest, we’re 50% + towards the target.Thank you. Also a big thanks to those people who contributed advice and observations about the training programme and have volunteered to accompany me on the hills, fells and mountains. Ex self appointed trainer included!

Some ways Macmillan use all the money raised. Every penny raised makes a real difference:
• £5 could pay for 11 copies of The cancer guide. This Macmillan booklet can help someone recently diagnosed with cancer, and their families, understand more about cancer, its treatment, and the help available.
• £40 could help a person affected by cancer attend a workshop that provides them with skills to improve the management of their health and well-being.

Spring is on its way. Hurrrrahhhhhh I feel like running around like a mad March hare!

Please pass the blog address on to your friends,, they might read it, they might support  “The Quest.” They may like to visit

Until next week. Goodbye.

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