A New Way Forward (EBC – 37 weeks to go)

Sunday 17th February 2013

Well I’m now sixty, say it quietly please. We had a lovely day on Wednesday, a family meal with my wife, Mum and Dad. This included an interesting chat with my Mum, well over eighty, who doesn’t consider herself to be old and regularly visits people older and younger than herself to keep a check on them. Conclusion, age is just numbers and words.  We remembered some of the things I got up to over the years….oops! It was funny that we all remembered different things.

Driving back I had time to reflect on birthdays and why I think they  really are a wonderful thing to celebrate and remember. Everyone has one, they involve no status, it lasts the same time as everyone else. It occurs as many times as another and at the same time of year. No one person has a bigger one, or better, longer, shorter. For everyone they are just the same. Where they differ is whether or not you like to remember them, how you celebrate them and who is involved in the celebration. All sorts of variables suddenly make some people have them and enjoy them; others just don’t want them to come round; yet others try to avoid them in different ways. As many people as there are in a room will mean there are as many different ways to view a birthday.

I think birthdays are the one time everyone has the right to feel special. There may also be other days for other reasons but this is the one day of the year which is yours and yours only. Some expect and have lavish celebrations, others a quiet drink, others just a cup of tea and an extra biscuit! I don’t think it matters. All that matters is that on  your birthday you feel a little happier cos it’s your day. If others remember and send a  message or a card all the better. You then share this happiness with others through the sending of  the card or message. When I was a student some friends, we never found out who exactly, used to go round all their friends in York, over night, and put a note through all our letter boxes. It usually said ‘Happy Friday’, or whatever day of the week they chose to do it. I guarantee every time we picked one up it made you smile and feel better. It was amazing really such a simple thing. So, if you have a niece, or a great aunt or a great grandad, or an old friend, or an old lady who lives alone down the street and you know it’s their birthday all you need to say  is ‘Happy Birthday’ to them. It need not cost money. They might  feel better, I’m sure.

So to my birthday wish (and everyone is allowed one each year!). ‘Please let me complete this trek successfully.’

Which brings me to training. Two walks. Total – seven miles. Weight, hurrah -1lb, well it’s a start!

Info from Macmillan about ‘The Trek Group‘…’As a group you’ve made a great start on your fundraising. You’ve raised a brilliant£37,280 so far – enough to fund Macmillan nurse for 9 months, helping people living with cancer and their families receive essential medical, practical and emotional support’.

Please pass the blog address on to your friends, http://www.charleseverestbasecamp.wordpress.com, they might read it, they might support  “The Quest.” They may like to visit http://www.justgiving.com/Charles-Appleyard

Until next week. Goodbye.

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