Moving On (EBC – 38 weeks to go)

Sunday 10th February 2013

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

This is the only possible way to react to the news that I will be sixty on Wednesday!

As a consequence of this fact I can report that I am currently in a ‘complete denial’ frame of mind with regards the following:

Training…very poor. Two walks, total five miles.

Weight …nudging up… teeeecchhhh! 

I was going to come up with ’60 songs for sixty years,’ ’60 favourite people or places or events’ but no, who really would want to read that?

However I have planned out a swimming programme for the next few months and I am taking up Yoga. I have also worked out a regime that will increase activity over the next two months that includes strength, endurance and stability exercises and by summer I hope to lock into some of the ideas Macmillan sent in their training guide, along with my own efforts in the hills and mountains of Yorkshire, The Lakes and Wales. There is a plan! In between times I will be on my bike.No I will not be doing something every day. These plans may change if an expert in Nepal type Trekking contacts me and tells me I have got it all wrong.

Some contacts have paid off regarding fundraising. Four events now planned in next four months so by summer we should have moved a little nearer the target.

My Macmillan.Is a new way to access the Online Community and other Macmillan services. If you’re already a community member, login with your existing details to make a my.Macmillan account. If you are new to the community, join my.Macmillan to get started.

Please pass the blog address on to your friends,, they might read it, they might support  “The Quest.” They may like to visit

Until next week. Goodbye.

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2 Responses to Moving On (EBC – 38 weeks to go)

  1. mrsmyagi says:

    Training plan sounds good, am going to do mine this month!

  2. mrsmyagi says:

    Oh, and happy birthday! Age is just a number

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