EBC- Comfort Zones (39 weeks to go)

Sunday 3rd February 2013

I say the following as a devoted Yorkshire person, I love the place, but too many people in this county say a glass is half empty, when in fact it is half full. I have it in my head, because I do not know anyone who has done this kind of thing before, that serious training has not yet started and that it needs to build up from about the end of February beginning of March. Yesterday we walked eight miles up to Capplestone Gate from Conistone and swung back via the outskirts of Kettlewell. (..and yes I did meet two canine friends it would have been better to avoid!) The weather was stunningly sunny. Two other short walks leads to twelve miles in total. This feels like it should be OK for the present but the first question every person I speak to about this event asks is, ‘How’s the training going?’ Even a slight hesitation in my reply leads to a knowing smile or comment that suggests I’m not doing enough! (half empty). Now I’m not easily intimidated, playing football and cricket for thirty years did lead to some unique comments, gestures and actions. All attempts to unsettle me or the team. They did not work but were often entertaining! However reading about what other people are already doing is definitely unsettling. I’m thinking November is still a long way off and if I peak with my fitness too early I think I’ll be worse off than if I did very little. It’s no good peaking in September, or in this case does it work differently? So if anybody has any suggestions or helpful comments please get in touch, I’d like to fill up the glass with positivity.

What I have learnt this week. I am beginning to think that this trek is as much in my head as it is in anywhere else! My new boots are so comfy. I need some new socks.

Thanks to all the people who have bought something, or donated this week. There are lots of Macmillan events coming up over the next few months. It all helps.

‘£100 could pay for a Macmillan nurse for four hours.’

Please pass the blog address on to your friends, http://www.charleseverestbasecamp.wordpress.com, they might read it, they might support  “The Quest.” They may like to visit http://www.justgiving.com/Charles-Appleyard

Until next week. Goodbye.

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