EBC- Keep Calm and Carry On (41 weeks to go)

Sunday 20th January 2013

Yes the theme for this week can only be Keep Calm and Carry On. Snow, snow every where and lots of fun for all. Unless of course you have to (a) drive to work, (b) walk to work or (c) work outside, (d) you don’t like snow or (e) you are chomping at the bit to train for a trek to Everest Base Camp! I was at a party last week and some one said to me ‘Eeee Charles I worry about you sometimes. You can’t navigate and you are not fit. Do you think you’ll be ready for this trip in November?’ I replied, ‘ No problem, just you read my blog this week and see what I will have done.’ Then someone else said, on Friday, as they gulped down a second pint of beer, with a smirk on their face, ‘You won’t have done much training this week then!’ Walking back home I suddenly broke into a cold, serious sweat, despite the fact that the temperature around me was -7c. Were people’s expectations of me and my perceptions of myself poles apart? Was I going to do anything about it. So I kept calm and carried on. I promptly walked past the front gate and  on to the next village, two miles away, over the river on to the next hamlet and then a stretch out back toward the house. Arriving home looking pretty much like a bedraggled version of the Yorkshire Snowman. (A more civilised type of the abominable one; hmm wonder if we’ll meet in November!) This added to four miles yesterday and two mid week brings a total of ten miles in seven days. Well it’s a start!

This next week I do intend to be out in the snow ascending a couple of the peaks in The Dales, partly for training purposes, partly because snow walking can be exhilarating.  If it keeps up another week maybe we’ll do a something in the Lake District, I say we because of course I will persuade a few of you to join me in this. Keep Calm, it’ll be OK!!

Things I have learnt this week. It is sometimes cold walking at -7c but not this week. Yorkshire has a strange Yeti/snowman like figure, really I’ve seen it. I’d show you the photo on my phone but… (Yorkshire bytheway is the best place to be in the whole world! Discuss, if you must. But, really it’s true! We are even getting the Tour de France to God’s Own County and it is coming through The Dales!) I am not a St Francis of Assisi type figure; but I counted twenty one different kinds of birds in the garden this morning. Winterwatch, it’s come to The Dales.

Someone asked me about what Macmillan nurses really were about. I didn’t give them a full answer so I looked on the website. Here’s some details and a link, if you are interested.

‘All Macmillan nurses are registered nurses with at least five years’ experience, including two or more years in cancer or palliative care. They complete specialist courses in managing pain and other symptoms, and in psychological support. Macmillan nurses are usually employed by the NHS and their posts are funded by Macmillan for a set time, often for the first three years. After that time, the long-term funding is taken up by the NHS or other partner organisations. The nurses work in NHS hospitals and the community, and aren’t usually associated with private health care. They do not undertake routine nursing tasks. Macmillan nurses are funded almost entirely through the generous voluntary donations of our supporters.’

(For more information see:   http://www.macmillan.org.uk/HowWeCanHelp/Nurses/AboutMacmillanNurses.aspx)

Thank you to all those who made a donation this week.

Pass the blog address on to your friends, they might read it, they might support  “The Quest.”

Until next week. Goodbye.

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One Response to EBC- Keep Calm and Carry On (41 weeks to go)

  1. Ruth topham says:

    Hi Charles, I am also signed up for everest base camp with macmillans in November, nice to meet you! I’ll be reading your blog with interest! Unfortunately I have pneumonia so no training for a couple of weeks. Am planning on setting up a Facebook group for us all this week. Ruth

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