EBC – Training (42 weeks to go)

Sunday 13th January 2013

There was a thick mist over the  valley, it was only this valley because earlier in the day  over in Harrogate  it had been bathed in brilliant sunshine. It was now dark and very cold he could only see a couple of feet in front with the aid of the cycle torch. There was water all along the road, making it seemingly impassable and little to guide him as the journey continued, he kept going hoping that the destination would soon be reached. A way through the puddles appeared in his light and onwards  he went. A feeling of impending danger came across him as he came to an incline in the road, which then disappeared. It was a bend. Lucky, still on the road. Keep going he said to himself everything will be fine. The road steadily dropped, he was amongst trees, follow the hedge to the right you’ll be safer. Keep tucked in. Suddenly a squawk! a crash! a bang! a  branch falls out of a tree straight by his feet…What? All goes silent, the mist is getting worse.

Carefully and slowly he reaches the bottom of the hill and turns to the left, still following the hedge but this was moving further away and becoming more difficult to see. Then voices, or at least murmurs, in the distance. Which way to the left, no behind maybe just ahead so difficult to tell? Better slow down. He stops, listens, the voices have stopped it’s all quiet again… but they didn’t pass me. Where have they gone? Two hundreds yards of progress tells him why. A  junction in the road, again which way? Left, right? He stops. Tiredness, cold and sweat mingle to make him feel uneasy. Not sure. Why did I decide to do this today of all days. I should have stuck to the old route. A New Year’s resolution is one thing but this is really madness. Stay calm, it can’t be far that way, to the left road, it must be. Onwards he plods in the dark, gloomy, clinging mist. No sounds now anywhere…

The torch light flickers and dies. Typical. He now only has the red light on his helmet. The river is nearby so don’t stray from the road he tells himself. More trees, another bend, suddenly a light above, it’s a street light… and another… and another! Hey a junction. I know where I am. The rain begins to fall heavily, peeling back the mist, the village church appears lights are everywhere. Hurrah. back again down the street to the car!

This week’s lessons. Do not sack your self appointed trainer. Do not go out jogging in the mist. Do not drive to places you are unfamiliar with and then run. Do not run in the late afternoon in winter. To avoid all this do not make harebrained New Year’s resolutions to yourself about training that are unrealistic. So I’ll be more rationale this week. I hope.

Pass the blog address on to your friends, they might read it, they might support  “The Quest.”

Until next week. Goodbye.

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