EBC- Eeee Brrrrr (it’s) Christmas (46 weeks to go)

Sunday 16th December  2012

The last week before Christmas and everybody is getting excited?! Or are they? The weather has certainly made it’s presence felt over the last two weeks. It has been so cold around our house even the birds were trying to keep warm. I saw about five sparrows and blackbirds crowding around a bush at the back of the shed trying to keep out of the wind and snowy/sleet this week. On reflection I should have opened the shed door, I’m sure they would have hopped in for an hour or two. Ugghh. This is by way of saying my preparation week has been…very poor. Progress on all fronts…nil. Oh no when will it all kick in…. Even the Coffee Morning I was due to attend was cancelled because of the dangerous conditions underfoot. So I say role on 2013 and let’s hope the weather improves along with my preparation and fundraising.

Macmillan sent me an email this week and there are now twenty four people signed up for the trek to EBC. They are from all over Britain. I’ll bet there are some serious questers/trekkers, who have done loads of these before; and some serious fundraisers. Hopefully we will all meet up sometime before we go and learn a little about each other. Bits of info just keep adding a little to the build up, a tiny turn of the ratchet. The Team Macmillan e.news had a lot of information, including the following which is my information of the week. “Our overseas hikes have now raised an incredible £15million since they began, allowing us to make a huge difference to the lives of people affected by cancer. ” That’s good isn’t it!

It might be possible, but unlikely, I should write something  that catches the mood of the season. Giving, friendship, people, parties, relations, presents however I decided that would sound very, very pretentious  Who am I to go on about all these things of things. This blog is about my thoughts as I scramble round looking for ways to reach my targets and ambitions in 2013. I’d like to say that the magic of the Olympics has rubbed off on me but it hasn’t…yet. I’m still looking for the magic, or a Genie who will suddenly give me three wishes to send me into 2013. Three wishes lets see, in no particular order……well they are a secret. However I will say this. In between shopping, preparations,  parties and the like sit down, make a cup of tea and decide what your three wishes are for 2013. I’m sure they will all come true. Whatever you do, where ever you go I hope the coming days bring a happy end to 2012 and set up your imagination for 2013 with lots to achieve and to enjoy. Least of all you will be able to see how some ‘nutter,’ as I was referred to recently, copes with his mountain to climb and trek in the area around the roof of the world. (And I had a wobble climbing a ladder on to a roof this week!!)

My Justgiving address is http://www.justgiving.com/Charles-Appleyard

Until next week. Goodbye.

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