EBC- Leads to WWW.’See below.'(47 weeks to go)

Sunday 9th December  2012

Update on progress this week. Training, nil. Brain games, nil. Contact with self appointed trainer, nil. Disappointing. I console myself with the fact I managed to complete a number of  tasks that should bring in some money donations in the new year. Have made lots of contacts and am now on the verge of a series of events for 2013. It all seems a bit slow but I am starting to make some sense of what is going on. The cold weather seems to have slowed me down! This weather is not conducive to training I say to myself. Someone told me it was colder in Wharfedale this week than it would be at the Base Camp next year. I find that hard to believe and am resolved not to clutch at such straws in an attempt to justify inactivity. Now, where did I put that bar of chocolate?

In the mean time other strands of the team have been active and we are now 36% of the way to our money raising target for next year. This magnificent effort is due to the contributions made by my daughter conducting a twenty four hour silence and non eating event for Macmillan. The response has been wonderful. A big thanks to all for their generosity and kindness.

Things I have learnt this week.

Firstly, £70 helps run a large Macmillan Information and Support Centre for one hour. Secondly, WWW does not only stand for world wide web. This is a minor meaning compared with the true one. It really stands for ‘Wonderful Wharfedale Women.’ These are the people from mother, wife,daughters, friends and a group of enthusiastic volunteers, who really are experts in this money raising field, and who are all helping this quest start to happen. Without them I’d now be approaching the turn of the year in a completely different frame of mind. As it is the approach of my sixtyth birthday is no longer considered to be something that I reflect upon with words that suggest I am not thinking in a clear fashion any more and that aberrations like this quest will become more common.  No, in fact it’s not an aberration it’s more like this is another step in life’s journey that will hopefully lead to me completing a series of challenges way  outside my comfort zone. Isn’t that what becoming older is all about?!

Enjoy all your school, work, friends and club parties. Stay relaxed over the Christmas shopping. Don’t stress about what will happen on Christmas Day it will be just fine. Look forward to a new year!

My Justgiving address is http://www.justgiving.com/Charles-Appleyard

Until next week. Goodbye.

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