EBC – ‘Everyone Be Calm’ (48 weeks to go)

Sunday December 2nd 2012

Well this has been a week of progress. Regular readers will realize that this kind of project does involve me in lots of highs and lows, excitement and moments of sheer terror with thoughts like ‘WHAT AM I DOING?’ So, to have a week like this is good, very good.

Training has gone well. Good points. One very long bike ride, at a leisurely pace, in glorious Dales sunshine made my heart pound and woke me up. Best part about that was I didn’t think I was going to fall off on every bend. This, thanks to Kay has been to be due to an improvement, even a small one, in my core stability and balance. However, now know I am very unfit and need to work hard from this point on…On another day completed a walk of twelve miles along moors, through woods and along valley back home. Again in brilliant sunshine, but it was dark when I returned home. First part very dry second half was in squelchy, gooey mud which at some points, was up to my knees. Uugghhh. Glad I did not ‘spoil’ my Everest boots on this, am saving them for a greater purpose. Bad point. Missed calls from self appointed personal trainer inviting me to go out into the hills. He wasn’t picking his phone up when I rang back days after. Oh dear.

Fund raising has also gone very well. This is mainly due to my daughter attempting a sponsored silence at work. People seemed to have fallen over themselves to sponsor her for the day. This Wednesday. Rather surprisingly they seem to be relishing a day when she is not going to be, in theory, talking. I wonder why. I also wonder where she gets it from. Mind you I was told today that I never stop talking. Mmmmm I wonder, where do I get it from!

I have also done some more voluntary work this week in exchange for donations to ‘The Quest’ and received sponsors from friends of friends. A minus point has been getting turned down for some dates for events. Things I have learnt this week. You cannot plan events too far ahead. In fact ‘Do not delay’ is the motto to sit alongside ‘Do not be a Billy No Mates’. I cannot thank enough all the people who have contributed towards ‘The Quest’ to date. Most I have never met, most I do not know. It just goes to show that there is a lot of good in this world and that for me it never ceases to amaze me how generous, kind and positive  people can be. I only hope we, ‘The Team’ can live up to their support. I only hope I can go the distance when the time comes to put one foot in front of the other. Once again to all of you in London, Yorkshire, Norway, Scotland and the South West Thank you. Thank you.

My Justgiving address is http://www.justgiving.com/Charles-Appleyard

Until next week. Goodbye.

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One Response to EBC – ‘Everyone Be Calm’ (48 weeks to go)

  1. Lee Wales says:

    Ha, you seem to be taking to the blogging like a duck to water Charles! Keep up the good work.

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