Planning and, well, planning

Monday 22nd October 2012

Hello reader. Another update before my planned regular, and weekly detailing of events, happenings and thoughts leading up to November 2013 when, hopefully, I will be going to Everest Base Camp (EVB) and back, safely! Over the last few weeks I have been meeting people and listening to their ideas about what I should do to raise this amount of money. While many people have promised to support me on an individual basis, (my Justgiving address is, I am grateful for that promise, it seems many of you think I need some corporate support to reach that target. So, if any of you out there have a suggestion of people, or companies that might be prepared to listen to my case for support please get in touch. A whole range of ideas are on the list of planned events; race night, quiz night, themed disco type thing (?!), wine tasting, Christmas cards five aside, car boots, ‘yard sale’ (very American). At the moment I’m trying to plan where these might happen and when. One year seems along way off but when events are planned out time is quickly eaten up. Macmillan have sent me a set of publicity details which I hope will be useful in trying to explain the wider picture of what the trip is really about.

I am trying to settle my brain around the idea of trek and it’s easy to become wrapped up in what I am doing and what I need to do. In reality it is about helping Macmillan support the so many people who are affected by cancer, the statistics given out on television last Friday were a reminder of how close this may get to us all.

On a lighter note we (some family members) have also decided that apart from a blog every week I should go out hiking, walking and the like, also on a weekly basis from now until I set off. People have already volunteered to go with me up Snowdon, Hellvellyn, and elsewhere. This will also be ‘blogged.’ By way of a practice run two of us went on a cloudless morning up to Whernside on Saturday. Despite the glorious sunshine we managed to find the wettest, muddiest, smelliest stretch of moor, with no way markers, covered in the deepest clumps of grass  you would never want to find, I had left the compass in the car. It was not my idea of walking heaven! The only comment worth noting was, ‘It’s a good job you will not be navigating next year.’After the walk we came home and the first thing I did was to see if this type of terrain was likely to be encountered in the Himalayas! I couldn’t find anything that suggested it might be. Relief, but that will be approximately 15,000 feet higher than  we were on Saturday!

Until next time. Goodbye.

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